Online Payments

NOTE: When using the online payments service, you CANNOT pay dinner money with anything else, such as a trip. If you try to do this, your trip payment will be accepted but you dinner money payment will not. Dinner money must be paid as a separate transaction on it's own.

IMPORTANT: Duplicate transactions seen by parents - an explanation

Parents may or may not be away that we had an issue towards the beginning of term where it appeared that transactions made in school - manual top-ups and the purchase of food items - were being duplicated. Online accounts were showing transactions appearing twice. We'd like to assure parents that this was a display issues only and students were not charged twice for their purchases, nor were they topping up their accounts twice.

This issue has since been resolved as of 18th September, however you may still see the duplicate transactions before that date. We are in the process of removing the duplicates so that everything shows correctly.

For further reassurance, we kindly ask parents to add each single transaction and transactions since the 18th September and you will see that the total shown online is correct.
If you find your total isn't correct and you feel there is a definite problem with your online account, please don't hesitate to contact school.

Click here to go through to the online payments service.