Our Art students have been really busy during lockdown and produced some amazing work. Take a look below - more added soon!
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Year 7 pupils researched the famous Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi and his remarkable Cathedral in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia. They have used their artistic skills and creativity to present the information they discovered in an imaginative way.

Year 7 - Antoni Gaudi Research

Year 7 pupils have taken inspiration from the work of Aboriginal artists to design their own decorative, patterned fish. These creative and imaginative images show strong bold tone and vibrant harmonious colours.

Pupils were also asked to imagine that they are illustrators who have been given the task of designing an exciting front cover for a children’s book all about the lost city of Atlantis.  Some fabulous designs!

Year 7 - Atlantis

Year 7 - Dreams

Year 7 pupils were asked to design their own Fantastic Tower based on their own chosen theme. Gaudi used things that he saw in the natural world to inspire his designs. The columns in Sagrada Familia were based on the tall trees in a forest. He used the shapes and colours from fruits and animals to design the structures and to decorate parts of the building. So pupils were given the task to design an amazing building based on a specific theme or idea that they could think of. As you can see there are ‘sports buildings’, ‘space based buildings’ and many other interesting ideas.

Year 7 - Imaginative Tower Designs

Year 7 pupils were asked to imagine that they were a designer for  rollercoaster rides at Alton Towers. Pupils were given a design brief to create exciting and imaginative rollercoaster designs.

These are some of their fantastic drawings!

Year 7 - Roller Coaster Designs

Yr 7 pupils were inspired by ‘World Book Day’ illustrator Rob Biddulph.

They used his online videos to help them to create their own self portrait characters.

They then created imaginative stories for their characters and made these into fantastic comic strips.

Year 7 - Self-Portrait Characters & Comic Strips

Year 7 pupils were given a challenge to create a tower out of any material that they wish. The aim of this task was to enable pupils to be inventive and explore new possibilities when making art. Here are some of their creations! Well done year 7!

Year 7 - Towers (Challenge)

Year 7 pupils have been asked to imagine that they are Architects who have been asked to design a fantastic and unique new city.

They have come up with some fabulous designs!

Year 7 - Towers (City)

Year 7 pupils were asked to create a tower drawing that represents their personality by including symbols, patterns and colours that represent them. These are some of their brilliant drawings!

Year 7 - Towers (Personality)

Year 7 and year 8 were asked to create rainbows to symbolise hope and positivity. Here are some of the fantastic pieces of work!

Year 7 & 8 - Rainbows of Hope

Year 8 pupils were asked to capture and illustrate their dreams that they have had during lockdown in the style of Alan Davie’s aboriginal paintings. These are some of their brilliant artworks! Well done year 8!

Year 8 - Dreams

Year 8 pupils have designed their own unique symbols and composed these together to create a drawing which describes their journey from home to school.

They have been exceptionally creative in their symbol designs and confidently used tone and vibrant colours to embellish their drawings.

Year 8 - Journeys

Year 9 pupils looked at the work of artists Matthew W Moore, Ariane Labre, Fletcher Benton and Larry Heller.  This research has inspired the creation of individual dynamic images based on geometric shapes.

Year 9 - Geometry

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