Year 11 Curriculum Map

  Unit 1 A Christmas Carol
12th September- October 21st
Unit 2 Mock Exam revision
31st October- 7th November
Unit 3 Poetry
7th November – 2nd December
Throughout the unit, pupils will be impacted by exam timetable.
Unit 4 English Language Paper 2
28th November- 17th February
Unit 5 S+L and Final Exam Preparation
27th February- Exam period
Unit Summary Students will be required to write in detail about an extract from the novel and then to write about the play as a whole. Students should explore character, theme and language as they read the novel. Macbeth exam revision/ A Christmas Carol.

Students to study/analyse 15 poems from AQA Anthology Love and Relationships Cluster. Students to study how to compare poetry and how to approach/respond to unseen poetry.

Class teacher should aim to spend two lessons on each poem and begin teaching each poem by introducing the poem as unseen.

Order of teaching:

  1. Follower
  2. Mother, Any Distance
  3. Climbing my Grandfather
  4. Eden Rock
  5. Winter Swans
  6. Sonnet 29-‘I think of thee!’
  7. When We Two Parted Lord Byron
  8. Percy Bysshe Shelley Love’s Philosophy
  9. Robert Browning Porphyria’s Lover
  10. Thomas Hardy Neutral Tones
  11. Maura Dooley Letters From Yorkshire
  12. Charlotte Mew The Farmer’s Bride
  13. Cecil Day Lewis Walking Away
  14. Carol Ann Duffy Before You Were Mine
  15. Daljit Nagra Singh Song!

Section A: Reading

  • one non-fiction text and one literary non-fiction text
  • writing to present a viewpoint.

Reading (40 marks) (25%)

  • 1 short form question (4 marks)
  • 2 longer form questions (1 x 8, 1 x 12 marks)
  • 1 extended question (16 marks)

Section B: Writing

Writing (40 marks) (25%)

  • 1 extended writing question (24 marks for content, 16 marks for technical accuracy)

Speaking and Listening

Mini unit on each of the following for approximately two weeks:
An Inspector Calls

Speaking and listening for one week before Easter

After Easter Holidays:
English Language Paper 1 A Christmas Carol
Class teachers/ data to identify class targets for final exam revision.

Booster Days:19th/20th/21st April

Assessment Outcomes

Literature AO:1,2,3,4

F.A.1 – Analysing the relationship between Scrooge and his nephew.
F.A.2- Scrooge’s change of character
F.A.3- Class Teacher to choose own question.
S.A: Full exam paper- The importance of family.


Assessment objectives/outcomes the same as Unit 1.

F.A.1- PEEL/PETER paragraph on one poem.
F.A.2- 1 or 2 PEEL/PETER paragraphs comparing two poems.
S.A- Exam Paper in February (full Literature paper)
English Language Paper 1 and English Literature Paper 1 mock exams 7th/9th November.

Language AO:1,2,3,4,5,6

F.A.1- Q2 Summary
F.A.2- Q3 Language(Peer assessment)
F.A.3- Q4 Comparing attitudes
F.A.4- Q5 Writing
S.A- Full exam paper week beginning 13th February
English Language Paper 2 and English Literature Paper 1 13th February.

Speaking and Listening A0:7,9

F.A- At the end of each mini unit.