Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 7

Unit 1 (10 Wks)
Gothic Horror

Unit 2 (6 Wks)

Unit 3 (9 Wks)
The War Novel *

Preparation for Year 7 Exam (6 Wks)

Unit 4 (7 Wks)
Our Literary World

Unit Summary

Study of Gothic Horror genre.

Exploration of and response to a variety of extracts from related texts across a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, including poetry representative of the genre.

Exploration of newspaper writing including: front page stories/layout/ presentational features and terminology, reports /articles, text based advertisements, multi-modal advertising the news on radio and TV.

Exploration of the war novel based on previous experience of storytelling, writing and film.

Identification of specific genre features through reading, writing, discussion and sharing of ideas.

An AQA KS3 examination

Paper 1 Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing - Section A Reading.

*This unit is preparation for the end of year exam.

Exploration of the history of language:

(incorporating elements of Text 1 ‘Our World’ & Shakespeare – Speeches/Sonnets/


Assessment Outcomes


F.A.1: Setting the scene. (Focus Lang. AO:5)

F.A.2: Pen portrait.
(Focus Lang. AO:5)

S.A: A descriptive piece based on either an image of a scary/gothic setting or a situation in which a character was afraid or scared.
(Focus Lang AO:5 & 6)

A differentiated S.A. task can incorporate paragraphs already completed. 

Speaking & Listening Murder Manor – Group task
(Focus Lang. AO:9 )

Reading & Writing

F.A: Reporter’s notepad.
(Focus Lang.  AO: 5)

S.A: Front page report based on a ballad or narrative poem of teacher’s choice.
(Focus Lang. AO: 5 & 6)

Extension – extra features of newspaper texts as appropriate to ability of teaching group.

Speaking & Listening

S.A: Performance poetry.

(Lower ability pupils can present a poem of their choice from a range given by the teacher from memory or as a prepared reading.
(Focus Lang. AO: 7)


F.A. 1: (Q3) Analysis of how writer uses structure.
(Focus Lang. AO:2)

F.A.2: (Q4) Expressing an opinion about a fiction extract.
(Focus Lang. AO:4)
[Based on the class reader]


S.A: See next unit.


Creative writing task based on the study of the war novel – not a formal assessment piece.

F.A: AQA KS3 Pilot Test Provisional Year 7 could be used as extra practice, if necessary, with teachers using all or some of the questions as appropriate.

Paper 1 Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing – Section A Reading.

Q1-4  ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne

S.A: Year 7 Exam

AQA KS3 test paper ‘Carries War’ (AQA Pilot Test Materials Year 9 [Modified])
(Focus Lang. AO:1-4)

Reading & Writing

A brief group research project about the writer’s life and times with evidence of the relationships between the texts writer’s produced and the times in which they were written.

Speaking & Listening

Presenting, from memory, a speech/sonnet/short scene from Chaucer or Shakespeare.
(Focus Lang. AO: 7)

Ongoing SPaG work to underpin each unit based on the CGP KS3 Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Workbook and supplemented by resources/activities as appropriate to teaching group.

‘Magic 3’ Independent Reading Programme to be undertaken as ongoing reading for pleasure – 1 book per term supported by related task from ‘Magic 3’ grid.