The Modern Foreign Languages curriculum is designed to:

  • Deepen students' understanding of language.
  • Inspire a love, enjoyment and thirst for language learning.
  • Broaden the students' understanding of different cultures.
  • Enhance their communication skills.


At Key Stage 3, pupils study French in Year 7 for three 50-minute lessons per week. In Year 8, top-set students take on the additional study of Spanish as a second foreign language. They divide their time equally between French and Spanish (3 lessons each over two weeks). All other students have three lessons of French per week. In Year 9, pupils either study 3 lessons of Spanish a week or 3 French lessons a week.

At Key Stage 4, pupils can take French or Spanish at GCSE, depending on previous study.  Pupils have three 50-minute lessons of their GCSE language per week. In addition, pupils can opt to study Spanish and French over two option blocks.

The department has five classrooms, with one room which includes an IT suite specifically for use in Languages lessons.  In addition, all of the classrooms have interactive facilities.

The department offers a variety of extra-curricular experiences, including two popular immersion trips to Normandy (Year 9) and Murcia (Year 9).

Mr N Tierney

Head of Department

Mrs R Heath

2nd in Department

Miss J Cunliffe

Mrs S Gibson

Mrs D Makin

Ms L Penny

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 7







Year 8


Home Town / Invitations





Year 9

Un jour de conge


Holidays / Education


Environment / GCSE Grammar

GCSE Grammar Booster



Year 8:
"Me Presento" (About Me), Family, School, Where I Live

Year 9:
Free Time, Food and Drink, Holidays, New Technology, Customs and Festivals

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Map


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 10

Self & Family


New Technology

Free Time

Free Time

Healthy Living

Year 11


Future Plans

Home and Local Area/ Environment

Social Issues/ Charity





Year 10:
Family and Relationships, New Technology, Holidays, Healthy Living

Year 11:
House and Home and Local Area, Social and Global Issues (Environment), School and Future Plans


Pupils follow the AQA Languages 9-1 syllabus. This course covers the topic areas mentioned above and tests pupils on the skills of listening, reading, speaking, writing and translation. 

More information can be found here - French; Spanish


Revision guides and study books have been published for the new GCSE specification.  Details are as follows:

French Revision Guide - ISBN 9781292131429

French Revision Workbook - ISBN 9781292131351

Spanish Revision Guide - ISBN 9781292131443

Spanish Revision Workbook - ISBN 9781292131412

Useful Links – password protected

On this website pupils can access the online textbook that we follow in school. It offers a wide range of assessment and interactive activities in all skill areas. It is particularly useful for listening and reading practice. – password protected

Pupils can use this website to revise vocabulary (KS3 & 4) and to participate in Textivate vocabulary challenges which are set by teachers.  KS4 pupils can use a different facility on this website to help them commit their conversation questions to memory.

This is the exam board website which includes teaching and learning materials, past papers and specimen papers.

There are not many past papers for the current GCSE specification so students are also directed to this website where they can complete Listening/Reading past papers from the previous specifications.

Students can use this website to discover a wide range of vocabulary in the language that they study. Teachers will assign specific vocabulary for the students to practise and this can be done on a desktop computer or on a tablet or phone via the Memrise app.

Updated: Mar 2023