New Reception Mural

A group of Year 9 pupils were asked to create a piece of art work which will welcome visitors as they arrive at the new reception area of St Peter’s. The aim is that the piece will incorporate the key values of our school and highlight some of the unique qualities that St Peter’s as a community has. Taking inspiration from St Peter himself and his role as a ‘fisher of men’, it was decided that water and waves should be used as the key imagery for the piece. We looked at the work of Eric Gill and Sandra Cinto to help with the designing of the work. Teams of pupils were given specific tasks in the creation of the piece. The first group were responsible for designing exactly what the clay mural will look like. They worked collaboratively to draw out the overall design onto huge sheets of cardboard. Several drafts were made before the final composition was agreed upon. The goal was to create a real sense of movement throughout the piece, through the many layers of varied wave shapes. This was then cut into a series of stencils for the next groups to use. Some pupils prepared the clay and began to cut the large wave shapes out. Later groups were given the task of carving the detail into each wave. Key words, which the group feel describe the special qualities of our school, have also been carved into the design. “When I started work on the waves pieces, they had already been cut out. I smoothed the edges of all of the waves to make them neater and fit together nicely. Then we added lines to the waves to create the effect of them flowing. Some people in my group added words related to school and what they think of school life like, ‘friendship’ or ‘community’. They were engraved into the waves to make them blend in but so that they are still able to be seen.” Ellie The final part of the process is the glazing of each of the individual waves. This has been done by Cerys and Rhianne as part of the Skills section of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. We look forward to seeing the result after the final firing in the kiln! The work will be displayed in reception for the start of the new school year.

Sports Day 2014

Taking place on Thursday, 17th July, our annual Sports Day was held at Robin Park arena on a scorching hot day.

Mini-Olympics 2014

On Tuesday, 8th July 2014, we welcomed back our future Year 7 pupils for our annual Mini-Olympics day.

Boulogne 2014

In June, Year 7 pupils took a trip to Boulogne Sur Mer in France where they experience snail tasting, croissant baking and more.

Malham 2014

Year 8 trip to Malham.

Year 7's Landscapes In A Shoebox

In their Geography lessons, Year 7 students have been creating landscapes from around the world in a shoebox. Take a look at their fantastic efforts.

Ski Trip 2014

In February, some of our students took a trip to the USA to ski!

French Immersion Trip - Normandy

In February 2014, Year 8 and Year 9 students took a trip to Normandy, France

CERN 2014

In January 2014, some of our Year 10 and Year 11 students were lucky enough to take a trip to CERN in Switzerland. Here are some of the photos taken during that trip.