TfGM Bus Timetables

Transport for Greater Manchester regularly provide us with updates to the school bus timetables.

The latest up-to-date copy of the timetable can always be found on this page.


974 Bus Service- update

We have had an unprecedented amount of pupils wanting to use the 974 bus service both to and from School. As this is a commercial service, we didn’t get any prior warning of numbers until now.

Whilst we speak to the bus provider and TfGM about this, we are asking parents whose children use the 974 bus to get to and from School, to see if they can make alternative arrangements.

For example, the Y73, Y74 and Y75 buses drop off and pick up on Shevington Lane. These buses operate on a pass system and your child will need a apply for a pass in order to board these buses.

Further information, including bus timetables can be found below.

This timetable is effective from 3rd September 2018

Download your own copy here

Other information

Timetable for the 735 service to/from Mossy Lea - effective September 2018

TfGM fare changes from September 2018

To Apply for a Yellow Bus Pass

To Apply for an IGO card
(students that to travel at the concessionary fare will also need to have an IGO card, otherwise a higher fare will apply.)