Throughout the 5 years that students attend St Peter's, there are several opportunities for them to go on educational (and recreational) trips, including local and international destinations.

Below are the range of trips that are offered to our students.

Please note that costs may vary and trips are not 100% guaranteed to take place for various reasons (e.g. staffing, popularity).

Before each trip, parents will receive a letter detailing itineraries, payment schedules and reply slips which must be returned school. Depending on the trip, reply slips are required to either guarantee a place or to be entered into a ballot for a place.

Trip Approximate Cost
Paris £450
French Immersion Trip £450
Iceland £800
Rome £500-£550
Poland £550
Murcia £650
Holland Sports Tour £450
Ski Trip £1700
Belgium Battlefield £360


The above list indicates trips that usually take place throughout the school year. They are, however, subject to cancellation should the need arise.

Due to some of the trips being run over 2 years, it will effect the year group to which it will be offered.