Year 10 - Skills NorthWest, Manchester


Name three things you enjoyed about today’s visit?

  • Activities
  • Finding out about NEW careers
  • Talking to colleges & Universities and people with experience”


Has attending the Skills Show made you think of any new Career Pathways?"

The overwhelming response to this question was yes!

Year 9 - The Big Bang, Leigh

“I really enjoyed the workshop experience as it gave me a good insight on Careers, and further education like apprenticeships”


“I loved being able to experience Science experiments like dissecting”


“It was great getting the Career advice and the types of activities that were there to show you what you can do in College.”

Year 9 - Medical Marvels

“I loved learning about the medical machines”


“It was really practical and everyone got involved”


“I enjoyed the talk about different Careers that are available”

Year 10 - College Visits


“What new skills did you learn during Sampling days?”

  • “I learnt to work with people I wouldn’t normally work with”
  • “Time management”
  • “I became better at communication and leadership whilst sampling at College”
  • “I really enjoyed the practical subjects I had chosen as it was the first time I had tried them”


“Did Sampling Colleges help you with your choices for the future?”

  • “Yes, it was great to get an idea what College is like”
  • “Definitely, I was able to see what each College offered and the difference between them”
  • “Yes, it helped expand my views on the skills I need to succeed.”

Year 11 - Careers Fair & Mock Interview Evening

“I was able to get information from someone who worked in the particular field that I want to go in to. This was useful as my interviewer answered all of my answers with detail and had lots of great advice.”


“It was useful as it gave us an idea of what a real interview will be like when we leave school”


“It was a good confidence booster for a real interview”


“There were a lot of different colleges and apprenticeship companies. This helped me keep my options open for the future. The college and companies that I visited gave me an idea of what grades I needed to achieve at GCSE level.”

Parents View

“It was good for pupils to meet all various career types of people and ask questions”


 “I thought that the mock interviews were an excellent idea”


 “Lots of informative stalls on careers and universities. Well set up good talks”


“The careers fair was very well set up and easy to access. The mock interview was  punctual and a great experience for any student.”

Years 8, 9, and 10 - Careers Fair

“We got to meet people from the colleges and look at different courses which can help us pick our subjects for GCSE”


“I found out about what it is like when you leave high school and go to college and  university."


“The information was handy to know”


“I found that there are a lot of amazing jobs out there for me”


“I found this useful because you learned what each college does with the kind of job you want to do. They also answered every question you asked.”


“I found out more about the courses that I could take for the job that I want to do when I'm older and which colleges supply them”